the best idea before the end of the world

Expedition to Cure a Bad Mood

2 trabants, 1 maluch and 1 jawa, 20 000 km across south america

We did it!

We drove through South America from the north to the south – the most challenging trip ever managed! When we first started, we weren’t sure ourselves if it would be possible, however … where there’s a will, there’s a way!

In four months we drove through the whole of South America, from Guyana to the southernmost South American city accessible by car – the radar station Moat at the end of the last road on the continent – in two Trabants, a small Polish Fiat and a Jawa 250, and still managed to get to Buenos Aires. Five Czechs, two Poles and Slovak, 21, 124 kilometers over the most arduous and beautiful terrain that South America can offer.

This covers the most direct part. Now, the second phase awaits us – to make a movie, a series and to travel from lecture to lecture – but we love this as much as we do the far journeys.



We can write articles, give interviews, record radio reports, films and television series, but only one medium can fully communicate the experience of the trip – storytelling. Live, direct, with hundreds of beautiful photos. We want to take you along, convince you that travel is worth it, and, just incidentally, to show how bright, interesting and not that dangerous a place the world is. Whether it’s Asia, Africa or South America…

We offer lectures with hundreds of photographs and videos from our three most important journeys – along the Silk Road, Across Africa and through South America. The lecture is approximately one and a half hours long.

If you would be interested in organizing a lecture where you are, whether it’s in a club, library, school, or anywhere else, please contact Jitka at


Film and Series

We’ve been holed up in the editing room since the beginning of July, working on a television series for Czech Television and a film. A series of twelve, one-half hour episodes is the greatest comprehensive traveler’s achievement in many years and the first Czech docu-reality. The film premier and, subsequently, the series are planned for Spring 2014.

The team is led by traveler and director, Dan Pribaň. The primary cinematographer was the experienced Zdenek Kratky, who, among other things, shot, for example, the over one-half year long journey of Kate Leeming, who rode through Africa, from east to west on a bicycle. Dana Zlatohlavkova, co-author of the movie Across Africa in a Trabant, headed the second camera and who is now irreplaceable in cutting the vast amount of 480 hours of material that was shot.


The Crew

It all began in 2006, when we had a great idea: we would drive to Africa in a Land Rover! There was just one little problem – we did not have a Land Rover. So we decided to go in a Trabant. Why? Because we didn’t have a Land Rover and mainly because they told us it was impossible. We wanted to show that it was possible. And we stuck with it.

In 2012 we had another great idea – to take along some crazies from abroad. And so a Polish crew drove along with us with their beloved Fiat 126p, called Maluch, with just 23 horsepower – three less than a Trabant – and the highlight and biggest nut was Slovak Marek Slobodnik on a Jawa 250.

And it was a great idea; a whirlwind of stories, problems and unexpected resolutions that a person would never find with a “normal” group. It was worth it!


20 000 across south america

At the beginning of a journey, you never know what awaits you, even if you prepare for it with the greatest care. And South America was worth it. In Brazil, the expedition drove through the most challenging road of the Amazon basin – the officially closed road across the rain forest, the feared BR319. At times it was on the edge or beyond it … In the Peruvian Andes we climbed to an altitude of 4 868 m above sea level – the highest a care with a two-stroke motor has ever gone! When we first climbed above 4 000 meters, we celebrated … and then threw up from altitude sickness. After a few weeks, driving four kilometers above sea level seemed normal and problem-free to us. The expedition nearly ended in its first third! We struck out along a Pacific beach, made a mistake and our cars were almost washed away by the tide and waves. In the end we managed to save the cars. It was, however, the first time in the history of Trabant journeys when the team came close to losing their cars.

Speed record on the largest salt plain in the world! In the end, as expected, the speed record was not beaten, but the Trabants got to drive along Salar de Uyuni in the Bolivian desert. It was an unbelievable experience driving across infinity.

21 124 KM covered


All proceeds from the sales of films go to support our next great, and, for now, secret, project (we promise it’ll be worth it) and also, like always, to finish paying off our debts from the last journey. Book

nově v prodeji Jak Egu dojel až na konec světa. Trabantí pohádka podle skutečných událostí zachycených v cestovatelském deníku Dana Přibáně.


The Expedition Trabant Egu on the Inside

Sit behind the wheel of the only Trabant that has driven across four continents. A virtual tour of the Expedition Trabant Egu. Would you be able to stand four months traveling through the wild in this box?

Virtual tour

Virtuální prohíldka

Past projects

Along the silk road by trabant

2007, 15 000 km

Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia

Across Africa by trabant

2009, 20 000 km

Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa

Předchozí cesty

Trabantem Hedvábnou stezkou

rok 2007, 15 000 km

Turecko, Írán, Turkmenistán, Uzbekistán, Kazachstán, Rusko

Skok do neznáma – naše první výprava trabantem za hranice Evropy - cesta do pouští Karakum a Kyzylkum. Bez zkušeností a bez vybavení po stopách karavan Hedvábné stezky – od Íránu bez kapky benzínu, skrz zvrácenou diktaturu Turkmenistánu, napříč Uzbekistánem, kde na jedné straně září perly Hedvábné stezky a na druhé uprostřed pustiny stojí stále funkční gulag, napříč Kazachstánem, kde neleží píď asfaltu do Ruska prolezlého korupcí. Vedro atakující 60 stupňů nad nulou a strašlivé cesty, jaké nenajdete ani v Africe.

Původní web z roku 2007 (

Trabantem napříč Afrikou

rok 2009, 20 000 km

Libye, Egypt, Súdán, Etiopie, Keňa, Tanzanie, Zambie, Botswana, Namibie, JAR

Jestli jsme si mysleli, že to bylo v Asii divoké, Afrika nám ukázala, jak vypadá skutečná divočina. Byl to náš sen. Sen, o kterém nám mnozí říkali, že je neuskutečnitelný.- přejet velkou Afriku malým trabantem. Bez 4x4, GPS a ABS, bez jistoty, že dojedeme...
My jsme si věřili. Poté, co jsme projeli Kazachstán nás už nemohlo nic překvapit. A přece. Zjistili jsme, že ne všechno je na černém kontinentu, tak černé, jak to vypadá a ne každý jeho obyvatel si zaslouží jen náš soucit. A hlavně, že v Africe je občas vážně sranda. Afrika nás pohltila, sežvýkala a vyplivla. Ohromené, odrovnané, odhodlané se vrátit.

Původní web z roku 2009 (


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